New Smooth Body Design Enhances Versatile LTV Series Control Valves

Pneumatic Valves

Chicago, IL– 2005—A new smooth body design replaces the original cast body on the LTV Series of light-touch, snap-acting control valves from Mead Fluid Dynamics, Inc. This versatile 1/8 inch ported four-way valve line – designed to power small or medium sized cylinders -- can be actuated mechanically, by hand, by remote air signal, or by electrical signal. The LTV Series is also highly effective for piloting larger valves. Some models require as little as four ounces of force and only .010 inches of plunger travel to actuate.

Electrically actuated LTV valves utilize DIN solenoids, featuring three-prong totally encapsulated coils for fast, easy plug connections.

LTV valve stacks eliminate the need for separate air supply to each valve, reducing piping requirements. And the LTV Series can be provided with a wide range of actuator styles -- including emergency stop, flush and extended heads, palm, mushroom or flush head, and two-position actuators.

Since 1939, Mead Fluid Dynamics, Inc. has introduced a stream of innovative technological advances to the field of pneumatic components – including control valves, cylinders, specialty valves, and production devices. Visit our website at

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