Production Devices Provide Low Cost Productivity Enhancements

A family of production devices, designed to provide low cost productivity enhancements, are available from Mead Fluid Dynamics, Inc. Key products include seven air powered presses, air toggle clamps, collet fixtures, and an air impact hammer. In addition, a two-hand control unit provides safe operation of all devices by requiring the operator to place two hands on the controls concurrently.

These air powered presses, available in either single-acting or double-acting models, automate crimping, heat sealing, forming, pressing, swaging, riveting, and burnishing operations to reduce production costs. These economical presses are easy to attach to plant air supply, with no wiring, pumps, or motors required. One-quarter ton to one and three-quarter ton presses are included in this family of products. In addition, a multi-stage press achieves significantly increased output forces, with standard 110 PSI shop air producing an output force of up to 6057 pounds.

Air toggle clamps automatically clamp work pieces for drilling, punching, and forming operations – including simultaneous operations. Channel-type steel holddown bars provide up to 600 pounds of holding force, with positive locking for enhanced safety – even with air failure.

Non-marring collet fixtures that accept 3C or 5C collets grip bar, round, or hex stock for drilling, machining, positioning, or assembly tasks. With a 100 PSI air supply, the two sizes of collet fixtures provide applied holding forces of 3,400 to 7,100 pounds.

The air impact hammer delivers a consistent, uniform blow from a few ounces to 4,500 pounds via an easy adjustment. Raising or lowering the air hammer, adjusting the air trip needle valve, or adjusting the air pressure will adjust the impact force. After a six-inch maximum stroke, a spring returns the hammer to the starting position.

Since 1939, Mead Fluid Dynamics, Inc., has introduced a stream of innovative technological advances to the field of pneumatic components – including Isonic® control valves, cylinders, specialty valves, and production devices. The Company is located at 4114 North Knox Avenue, Chicago, IL 60641. Fax: 773-685-7002. Visit our website at

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