So Much Technology for a Glass of Milk


Dean Wenger brings us an interesting application of Mead valves replacing electrical controls in a wet environment.

At one of Dean’s customers, a local dairy, cows enter a rotary parlor where their udders are prepped and milkers are installed. Then the cows ride this carousel milker through several stages of operation until the milkers are removed near the exit gate. 

Near this exit gate, a Mead MV-75 roller switch activates a Mead N2-DP valve. This N2-DP valve extends a cylinder which holds a sprayer nozzle to apply a hydrogen peroxide solution to the cows teats. When the cylinder reaches the end of the stroke, a stainless steel air-piloted valve begins spraying the solution for a fixed amount of time controlled by a Mead KLC-105 timer. When the timed operation is completed, the timer turns the sprayer "OFF" and the cylinder is retracted.

An electrical system had been used in the past, but the wet environment caused concern of shock and corrosion, prompting the conversion to an all air controlled system.

Who would have thought that there is so much technology in producing a glass of milk?

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