CAD/3D Preview

Ergonomic Low Stress 4-Way Valves

LTVs are compact, 1/8" ported 4-way valves that may be actuated by hand. Ergonomically designed to respond to extremely low actuation forces, Mead's low stress actuators require as little as 6 ounces of force to initiate a signal. This valve will dramatically reduce the demands on your workers' hands, wrists and arms.

  • Reduce the effects of repetitive motion
  • Ideal for powering small or medium sized cylinders and for piloting larger valves
  • All models may be configured 3-way normally open, 3-way normally closed, or 4-way
  • Available with or without button guard
  • Available in side, foot, or panel mounting options
  • Flow of Cv = 0.24