CAD/3D Preview

Micro-Line 3-Way Valves

MV air switches are 3-way 1/8" ported air pilot valves that are identical in size, actuating style, and mounting characteristics to most industrial type electric limit switches. Use them in place of electric limits to save on hookup costs and eliminate spark hazard. MV valves simplify circuits by eliminating the need for wire shielding, transformers, and solenoids.

  • The MV air switch may be piped normally closed, normally open, or as a diverter
  • 23 different actuators to choose from
  • Available with 1/4" brass push-to-connect fittings as an option
  • Operating pressure range from vacuum to 120 PSI
  • Flow of Cv = 0.11
  • Delivery is typically in 3-5 days