CAD/3D Preview

Collet Fixtures

Mead's collet fixtures evenly and firmly grip all round bar stock during drilling, machining, positioning, or assembling tasks This is done with no marring of the surface of the bar. The workpiece passes through the collet fixture. The collets accept 3C and 5C collets. A collet wrench is supply with each collet fixture.

  • Works with all round bar stock
  • Applied holding pressure: 3,400 lbs for PCF and 7,100 lbs for the LS-1
  • Round stock capacity for PCF is 1/2" and LS-1 is 1"
  • Double acting fixtures must be actuated with a 4-way valve
  • Model PCF will prevent a bar from turning at up to 10 ft-lbs of applied torque
  • Model LS-1 will prevent a bar from turning at up to 40 ft-lbs of applied torque