Mead Products

Cylinders (Pneumatic Cylinders, Air Cylinders, NFPA Cylinders)

Tie Rod

  • Small Bore Tie Rod Cylinders

    Mead's small bore tie-rod NFPA cylinders are designed to generate high performance in most applications.

  • Dynamation - Tie Rods

    Mead's Dyna-Mation DM1 series cylinders feature a tie-rod NFPA design that generates high performance in most applications.

  • Heavy Duty Cylinders (NFPA)

    Mead's HD1 series cylinders feature a tie-rod NFPA design with a heavy duty hard coated rod bearing.

  • HD1 Large Bore

    Mead's HD series large bore cylinders offer excellent performance and a long service life.

Extruded Body

Round Line



  • Reed Switch

    Mead offers a variety of reed and solid state switches which work with our extruded thrusters.

Valves (Air Pilot, Manually/Mechanically Operated, Solenoid, Flow Control, Specialty Application)

Air Pilot

  • Isonic® V4 4-Way Valves

    Mead's Isonic® offers valves in 4 way, 2-position configurations.

  • Nova 4-Way Valves

    Nova valves are designed to permit complete replacement of all wearing parts in seconds without touching the piping or electrical wiring.

  • Capsula 4-Way Valves

    Capsula valves work long and hard even when subjected to dirty air.

  • Dura-Matic Valves 4-Way Valves

    Dura-Matic valves not only control the cylinder direction but also the cylinder rod speed.

  • Light Touch 4-Way Valves

    Light-Touch, snap acting control valves are compact with extremely low actuation forces.

  • Micro-Line 3-Way Valves

    MV air switches are identical in size, actuation, and mounting to most industrial electric limit switches.

Manual/Mechanically Operated

Solenoid Operated

Flow Control Valves

Specialty Application Valves


Safety and Production (Anti-Tiedown Controls, Air Presses, Air Impact Hammers, Collet Fixture)

Anti-Tiedown Control Systems

Air Presses

Air Impact Hammers

  • Air Impact Hammer

    Mead's AH-65 air impact hammer delivers a consistent, uniform blow.

Collet Fixtures

  • Collet Fixtures

    Mead offers collet fixtures for holding round bar stock in two sizes.

Pneumatic Products - Since 1939 Mead Fluid Dynamics has been manufacturing quality pneumatic components for a large variety of modern industrial applications. Our product line-up includes pneumatic solenoid valves, air cylinders, air presses and a variety of pneumatic accessories such as manifolds, silencers, exhaust valves and control knobs. For more information about pneumatic presses, air presses, and additional Mead products, contact us today.