Space Saver/ Low Profile Cylinders

Full Power In Half The Space

Space Saver ™ cylinders provide the power and stroke of standard cylinders in less than half the space. They are ideally suited for use in machinery where space and weight are at a premium. Best of all, Space Saver ™ cylinders cost up to 50% less than standard models.

Built To Last

  • Oil impregnated sintered bronze rod bearing and hard chrome plated piston rod work together to prolong cylinder life.

  • Hard coated cylinder bore eliminates cylinder wall scoring.
  • Perfect For Tooling

    Space Saver™ cylinders are ideal for use on drill fixtures and other automated tooling to provide compact, lightweight holding power.

    Efficient 4-way LTV Valves are perfect as actuactors of Space Saver™ cylinders. Valve hookup is made easy because the top cylinder port swivels 360°.