Mini Adjustable Location Cylinders

Mini Cylinders Mount Anywhere!

Mead’s new line of miniature air cylinders offers users a wide range of low-profile linear actuators. These versatile cylinders are available in both single-acting and double-acting models. They are ideal actuators in any application where space is limited.

MA Series - Mini Adjustable Location Cylinders

These threaded body cylinders install quickly and easily without special mounting devices. Simply drill the proper hole size, “pop” in your cylinder, and adjust it to position with the pair of jam nuts furnished on most models. Or tap a hole and lock into position with a single jam nut. You’ll need to order an extra jam nut if you want position-adjustability.

  • The MA-Series cylinders are electroless nickel plated for excellent corrosion resistance and a gleaming appearance
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  • Non-Rotating...or applications that require complete rod stability, an optional hex rod can be substituted for the normal rod. This non-rotating option is available on 3/8" and 1/2" bore, single-acting, spring return cylinders.

  • MF Series - Mini Flat Mount Cylinders

    Mead’s MF Series are miniature, rectangular flat mount cylinders.

  • MF cylinders are available in both single and double-acting models with strokes up to 2".

  • All ports are tapped 10-32 excepy the front ports of 1/4" bore models, which have a 6-32 barb fitting. The standard location for the rear extend port is denotated by location "N" on the dimensional drawing. As an option, a rear side port can be ordered special. Contact Mead for details.