Centaur Round Body Cylinders

Economical and Repairable

Mead Centaur cylniders are built to match tie-rod performance, but are up to 45% less expensive and offer lubrication-free service. Centuar cylinders are not permanently crimped like most other round cylinders… so they can be disassembled for maintenance.

Low Cost Mounting

Flush bottom cylinder mounts directly onto a base plate with only two bolts...needs no mounting brackets or other hardware. The pivot bracket is built-in for easy pivoting at the inlet axis. The bracket pivots within the cylinder length to save space and to eliminate one entire bracket that would be needed to mount other cylinders.

Because Centaur’s trunnions serve both as mounts and as assembly elements, they cost less than any other trunnion mount on the market.

Built-In Bumpers Absorb Impact

Rubber bumpers are built into each cylinder head to eliminate the metallic "clank" that occurs at stroke completion.

Teflon™ Seals Create Smooth Breakaway

Centaur’s unique Teflon™ piston seal eliminates the forward lurch that occurs when rubber seals breakaway from the cylinder tube surface. Rod motion remains smooth throughout the stroke.


During the cylinder break-in period, molecules from the unique graphite-filled Teflon™ piston seal became embedded in the pores of the hard coated aluminum cylinder tube. This forms a long-lasting, super-smooth, self-lubricated surface.