Isonic® V2 2- and 3-Way Valves

The Award-Winning ”Half-Shell” Design

The heart of the Isonic® concept is its patented ”half-shell” design. Composed of two mirror-image halves, Isonic® allows its flow channels and internal component compartments to be designed directly into these molded body sections. Valve bodies are molded of high-strength, glass-impregnated Ultem thermoplastic.

Assembly is achieved by simply inserting the various valve elements into their corresponding ”half-shell” pockets. Internal components are easily positioned to make optimal use of space.

The valve is completed by ultrasonically welding the two valve segments, creating a strong bond and hermetic seal. This design totally eliminates the need for fasteners, adhesives, gaskets and inserts.

Revolutionary Valve Production

Isonic® technology eliminates all machining operations associated with valve manufacturing. Requiring only simple assembly, Isonic® can be produced quickly and easily with significant cost reduction.

Design Optimizes Valve Performance

Isonic® 2, 3 and 4-way valves feature a unique, multi-patented design that significantly shrinks valve size while boosting flow capacity. With its design and a state-of-the-art manufacturing process, Isonic® breaks through the restriction and limitations of conventional valve manufacturing.

Loaded with Standard Features

Along with its size and price advantages, Isonic® offers numerous user features, many of them standard. Most models feature an integral electronic board with surge suppression and LED. A variety of voltages and wiring options are available. This combination of price and versatility make Isonic® the perfect control choice for pneumatic systems.