Isonic MOD 3

With an innovative concept and a pioneering approach to valve design, Mead’s new technology has directly challenged the conventions of traditional valve manufacturers. In doing so, Mead has overcome many of the restrictions and limitations of conventional valve manufacturing, resulting in a unique design that minimizes valve size, reduces air turbulence and lowers valve costs.
Features And Benefits

• Fast Response
• Simultaneous Electrical / Pneumatic Connection to Manifold
• Thermoplastic - Non Metallic
• Compact and Lightweight
• Low Power Consumption
• High Resistance to Chemicals
• Aerodynamic Flow Passages
• Quick-Change Valve System
• 1/4" or 6mm Integral Push-In Fittings
• Pre-Wired Serial (15 or 25 Pin) Manifold Socket
• No Tools or Lubrication Needed
• Optional Separate Main and Air Pilot Air Feed
• Mount Free Standing, DIN Rail or Panel
• Field Bus Controllable

“Half Shell” Design

The heart of the Isonic® concept is its patented “Half Shell”, design. Composed of two mirror image halves, Isonic® allows its flow channels and internal component compartments to be designed directly into these molded body sections. Assembly is achieved by simply inserting the various valve elements into their corresponding “half-shell” pockets. Internal components are easily positioned to make optimal use of space. The valve is completed by ultrasonically welding the two valve segments, creating a strong bond and hermetic seal. This design totally eliminates the need for fasteners, adhesives, gaskets and inserts.

Maximum Air Flow

Instead of the angular passages of most conventional valves, Isonic® internal channels are aerodynamically shaped for maximum air flow and minimal internal friction. Eliminating sharp corners and abrupt changes in direction reduces air turbulence and energy loss. Normally round air passages are replaced by thin, deep, tape-like channels that conserve space and optimize air flow.

Resistant to Harsh Conditions
Molded from a high performance thermoplastic, Isonic® achieves superior heat, impact and chemical resistance. It is recognized with CSA, making this system suitable for many environments.

The 2 Second Push-In Manifold and Valve

The Isonic® Mod3 manifold system has been designed to virtually eliminate downtime, eliminating all end plates, screws, o-rings and gaskets customarily found in manifold systems. With this “plug-in” design, replacing an individual valve can be accomplished in seconds - simultaneously making an electrical and pneumatic connection, without the aid of any tools!

The Isonic® valve series can naturally be implemented as either part of a manifold system or stand alone and have option of either internal or external pilot pressure.

Simplify Wiring Tasks With Field Bus System

To Further reduce set-up time and installation costs, the Isonic® Mod3 manifold is prewired to accept a single connection. An integral P.C.B. connects each of the manifolds valve stations. Simply plug in a standard cable to the Sub D connector for quick, clean wiring. A single connector can supply wiring for up to 8 (single or double pilot valves). The manifold can then be controlled by a standard Field Bus System e.g. DeviceNet, Profibus, Interbus. A second cable is necessary for manifolds of more than 8 valves.