General FAQ

What is a typical air circuit?
the simplet and most common air circuit consists of a double acting cylinder which is controlled by a four-way directional valve. The directional valve is actuated by pilot valves or electric switches

Is there a way of firmly holding smooth round bars with an air powered device?
Use an Air Collet Fixture.
How should a filter-lubricating system be maintained?
To get peak efficiency from your air powered components, clean, lubricated air is a must.

Once a filter and lubricator have been installed, they must be checked periodically. The filter must be drained of excess water and contaminants and the filter element checked to see that it is not clogged. If it is, the element should be removed and cleaned in a solvent.
The lubricator should also be checked. Oil should be added and the lubricator adjusted so that right amount of lubricant is added to your system. For the recommended oil type, see the ‚ÄúLubrication; Oil Recommendation‚ÄĚ question.

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