Valve FAQ

What are the advantages of air actuation over solenoid actuation?
Solenoid actuation requires the presence of electric switches, wires, and all of the shielding necessary to reduce spark hazard and personal risk

Air actuation requires only 3-way air pilot valves and tubing. There is no explosion, spark, or shock risk and the components are less expensive to buy

Is it possible to convert an air signal into an electrical signal?
Mead air-to-electric switches, will turn an air signal into an electrical signal.

What does "Cv" mean?

Literally Cv means coefficient of velocity. Cv is generally used to compare flows of valves. The higher the Cv, the greater the flow.

It is sometimes helpful to convert Cv into SCFM(Standard Cubic Feet per Minute) and conversely, SCFM into Cv. Although Cv represents flow capacity at all pressures, SCFM represents flow at a specific air pressure. Therefore, the following chart relates Cv to SCFM at a group of pressures.

To obtain SCFM output at a particular pressure, divide the valve Cv by the appropriate factor shown below.

Cv to SCFM Conversion Factor Table
PSI of Air Pressure 40 50 60 70 80 90 100
Factor 0.0370 0.0312 0.0270 0.0238 0.0212 0.0192 0.0177

Example: What is the output inSCFM of a value with a Cv of 0.48 when operated at 100 PSI?
0.48(Cv)/0.0177(Factor) = 27SCFM
To convert SCFM into Cv, simply reverse the process and multiply the SCFM times factor.
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